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machine information '' Integration: 91gb/t magnetic particle testing and quality rating methods for steel castings themethodsformagniciparticletesting and forspecificingqualitylevelsofsteelcasting

92gb/t general rules for technical qualification of nondestructive testing personnel rulesforqualificationandcertificationofndtpersonnel

93gb/t vibration Vibration and shock -- methodsforanalysisandpresentationofdata

94gb/t guide sfortherationalityoelectricityusageinheatreatreatment

95gb/t10609 Technical drawings title block technicaldrawings - titleblocks

96gb/t10609 Technical drawing details: whether the oil in the t oil storage tank is filled with technicaldrawings - itemlists

97gb/t10609 Technical drawings -- folding on documents

98gb/t10609 Technical drawings' requirements for microfilming originals technical drawings - requirementsformicrocopying

99gb/t thermal efficiency of coal-fired domestic boilers boilersusingcoalfordailylife-thermal efficiency

100gb/t terms of machine theory and mechanism terminologyfortheoryofachinesandmechanisms

101gb/t forging production energy consumption standard energyconsumptionstandardinformationproduction

102gb/t centrifugal and mixed flow Operationalmanagementofcentrifugal, Mixedflowandaxialpumps

103gb/t cone tolerance conetolerance

104gb/t limit deviation of undeclared tolerance angle limitdeviationsofanglewithottoleranceindication

105gb/t straightness error detection measurementofdepart for uresfromstraightness with poor thermal stability

106gb/t flatness error detection measurementofdeparturesfromflatness

107gb/t field measurement and evaluation of vibration intensity of large rotating machinery mechanical vibrationoflargerotatingmachineswithspeedrangefrom10to200r/s—Measurementandevaluationofvibrationseverityinsitu

108GB/T11349. Basic definition of mechanical admittance test and sensor experimentaldeterminationofmechanicalmobility - basicdefinitionsandtransducers

109gb/t11349 The mechanical admittance test determined that the vibration exciter was used as a single point excitation to measure experimentaldeterminationofmechanicalmobility - measurmentsusingsingle-pointtranslationexcitionwithandattachedvibrationex the setting of pendulum lifting, pendulum hanging, feeding, positioning, impact and temperature conditioning were all electro pneumatic and mechanical control. The mold with large CIT was too late to fill the mold er

110gb/t11349 Experimental determination of mechanical mobility -- measurementsusingimpactexcitation

111gb/t cone gauge tolerances and technical conditions tolerancesandspecificationoftapergauges

112gb/t technical drawings Dimensions, proportions and simplified representations of weld symbols technicaldrawings - Dimensions, proportionsandsimplifiedrepresentationforweldingsym

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