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machine information "Integration: 301gb/t3103 Fastener tolerances for bolts, screws and nuts used in precision machinestolerancesforfasteners--bolts, screensandnuts forfinemechanics

302gb/t3103 Tolerances for fasteners -- flat washers -- Tolerances for fasteners

303gb/t3103 Tolerances for fasteners -- heat resistant threaded connection pairs -- componentsforboltedconnectionsmademainlyfrommaterialswithahightemperaturestlength

304gb/t fasteners -- width across flats of hexagon products

305gb/t bolts and screws radiundertheheadofboltsandscrews

306gb/t bolts Bolts, screensandstudies--nominallengths, andthreadlingthsforgeneralpurposebolts

307gb/t plain bearings thin walled bearings dimensions, Structureelementsandranges

308gb/t technical conditions for malleable cast iron pipe fittings technicalrequirementsofmalleablecastironpipefittings

309gb/t acceptance rules for malleable cast iron pipe fittings deliveryrequirementsof these products are mainly used in wind power, automobile, rail transit, yacht manufacturing, elevator and other fields where structural parts need to be bonded malleablecastironpipefittings

310gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron pipe fittings -- type size -- dimensionslistofpipefittingstructure

311gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron pipe fittings type and size elbow inner and outer wire elbow malleablecastironpipefittings--typesize--elbowsmaleandmakeelbows

312gb/t3289 Malleable iron pipe connector type size 45 ° elbow 45 ° inner and outer wire elbow malleablecasti can replace lead-acid battery and lithium battery ronpipefittings--typesize--elbows45 °, maleandmakeelbows45 °

313gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron pipe fittings types and dimensions reducing elbow malleablecastironpipefittings--typesize--reducingelbows

314gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron space cotton belongs to category 1 of non-woven fabrics, so the type and size of pipe connectors are different from that of male and female wire elbows malleablecastironpipefittings--typesize--maleandfmaleeducingelbows

315gb/t3289 Malleable iron pipe fittings -- typesize -- sideoutletelbows

316gb/t3289 Types and dimensions of malleable cast iron pipe connectors: Crescent inner and outer wires crescent outer wires crescent maleablecastironpipefittings--typesize--returnends, maleandmakerereturnends, threadreturnends

317gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron pipe fittings type size 45 ° crescent 45 ° inner and outer wire crescent 45 ° outer wire crescent malleablecastironpipefittings--typesize--longsweepbends45 °, maleandfilelongsweepbends45 °

318gb/t3289 Malleable cast iron pipe fittings -- type size -- u-elbows (returnends)


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