Most popular Intel encounters rivals in China

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Intel's rival in China

Yanxiang group said that Yanxiang plans to hold a press conference in October. It is launching the "Yanxiang inside" concept after the 10000 ton heavy haul trains are running on ordinary railways, taking it as a synonym for China's cutting-edge computer technology, and further becoming China's leader in the field of embedded intelligent products. Make a strong offensive in the IPC industry, comparable to intelinside

according to relevant foreign media reports, the analyst of in stat, a research institution, said that Intel's real competitor in the IPC industry in the next decade is not ge, but the special computer from China, which is frequently used for a long time, may lead to the reduction of oil volume or the evolution of the equipment manufacturer - Yanxiang

in stat said that due to the dispersed IPC market and the decline in processor prices, Intel must deal with these problems and expand its current core processor business. Intel also made it clear that super PC and mid are the main development directions of the company in the future

there is no doubt that Intel will face real challenges in this field in the next few years. The competitors are equipment manufacturers and suppliers like Yanxiang, not ge, Intel's current main competitor

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of course, in stat also pointed out that Intel will still maintain its leading position in the computing market. However, in the special computer market, it may be difficult for Intel to replicate the success of the PC market

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