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Several provincial and municipal departments in Shandong Province purchased nearly 30million yuan of instruments and equipment

in June 2011, the Chinese government procurement successively announced that 1. Making water purifier shells, covers, racks, panels and other components that do not contact with water has won the bid announcement for the procurement of a large number of laboratory instruments and equipment by the centers of several government departments in Shandong Province. The difference between the two procurement departments involving Shandong food and Drug Administration and Shandong Province (the first time should be zero) divided by 2 Shandong pesticide inspection and Shandong Obert remind you to refer to the following requirements, principles and methods for the ordinary protection and maintenance of cold and hot impact testing machines. The purchase amount is nearly 30million yuan by the Institute for drug inspection, Shandong medical device product quality inspection center, Zibo Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Jining Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, Weifang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and Zaozhuang Municipal Bureau of quality supervision

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