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Intelligent manufacturing? Sorry, what we need is intelligence and "intelligent manufacturing"

Abstract: China is far below the world level in many aspects of the intelligent manufacturing industry, whether it is technology development or application implementation. Apart from the fact that China has no first mover advantage and a shallow foundation, the biggest obstacle is our lack of creativity

From December 6 to 8, 2017 world Intelligent Manufacturing Conference was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. With the theme of "convergence, integration, innovation and change", this conference attracted Gree Electric, CRRC, Huawei, Alibaba cloud, Kuangshi and other manufacturers committed to the development of intelligent manufacturing industry to participate in the exhibition

in addition, at the main forum held on the 7th, liulihua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, Zhouji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric, liuhualong, chairman of CRRC, etc. conducted in-depth discussions on China's intelligent manufacturing from the aspects of China's intelligent manufacturing development strategy, IOT, big data, intelligent rail transit, super computing, etc

intelligent manufacturing ≠ mechanical automation, backward technological innovation has become the biggest obstacle to industrial development

whether in terms of technological development or application, China's intelligent manufacturing industry in many aspects is far lower than the world level that shows the linear relationship between stress and strain of steel. Apart from the fact that China has no first mover advantage and a shallow foundation, the biggest obstacle is our lack of creativity

in most cases, the intelligent manufacturing products or applications we see are still at the level of industrial machinery automation. They can only perform simple and repetitive operations according to the originally set procedures. Although they are accurate, they do not interest people, such as the robot that can play the electronic piano from the beautiful name of "Piano" to the depths

in addition to the novelty at the beginning of the performance, think carefully, "novelty" only comes from its creative performance form, not from the "robot" itself. This is just a manipulator that can be accurately positioned. As long as the program is set in advance, it can play any song

to sum up gb4857.3.4, there is too much fuss, insufficient technical creativity, and insufficient intelligence in manufacturing

it can be seen that with the industrial upgrading, especially in the manufacturing industry, machines have gradually replaced people with their fast speed and high efficiency. However, they can only do some mechanical things like people. Even though some of them can perform more complex operations, most of their technologies are imported from abroad and do not fully meet the manufacturing needs of China

"we must adhere to the guidance of innovation, make full use of advanced technologies such as Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, aim at the high-end direction, speed up the research, development, promotion and application of measured load and sample deformation, and carry out technical transformation and innovation. Only by making up the previous' missing 'lessons can we realize the overtaking in the curve of China's manufacturing industry." Zhou Ji, President of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said

the new generation of intelligent manufacturing enables information systems to have the ability of cognition and learning. "Made in China" is leading the world.

"we should make full use of the late development advantage", Zhou Ji said to the audience at the conference, "only by adopting the parallel development mode, that is, by promoting digitalization, networking and intelligence in parallel, can we promote the development of industrial integration."

in July this year, China released the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence to seize the opportunity and seize the first opportunity. It can be seen that artificial intelligence technology is becoming an important part of the industrial development of all countries in the world, and its application fields have also begun to expand rapidly, from industrial development to service, monitoring, entertainment, sports and other fields

take alpha dog as an example. The success of alpha dog completely depends on the powerful intelligent algorithm and deep learning technology behind it, which makes the "system" like people and can cope with different chess game changes. "People have transferred part of the learning mental work to the information system, so that the information system has the ability to recognize and learn. The relationship between people and information is changing from 'giving them fish' to 'giving them fish'." Zhou Ji said

robots that can play chess freely with people

it can be seen that the intelligent manufacturing industry is striving for breakthroughs. Even though the "robot" in the above figure is not as powerful as alpha dog or its big cousin in playing chess, we have indeed begun to walk out of the original fence of "mechanical automation", The real start towards intelligence and intelligence will further step forward in the direction of increasing the manufacturing capacity of HDPE in the field of plastic sheets

therefore, for the current domestic manufacturing industry, the realization of intelligent production is only the first step, but what we really need is "intelligent manufacturing". Dongmingzhu, chairman of Gree Electric Appliance, said that innovation was imitation in the past and creation now. What we need to seek is new changes in technology. As far as Gree is concerned, it now has 10000 technology R & D personnel, 9 research institutes and 70 research institutes. Only by making technological innovation truly in the forefront of the world can we make the world fall in love with "made in China"

"strong manufacturing and equipment make the country strong. Only by realizing wisdom and innovation can we embrace a new era." Said liuhualong, chairman of CRRC

it can be said that the new generation of intelligent manufacturing has begun to shift from "machine centered" to "human centered", so that machines have the same wisdom as people, and making them "people" is what the industry really needs to do

therefore, in the face of the current industry development status, we can say: Intelligent Manufacturing? Sorry, what we need is intelligence and "smart manufacturing"

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