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China Construction Bank (hereinafter referred to as CCB) is one of the six major state-owned banks in China. By the end of 2019, its market value was about US $217.686 billion, ranking second in the latest list of the top 1000 global banks in 2020. It has 14912 branches and more than 200 overseas institutions at all levels in 30 countries and regions around the world, serving hundreds of millions of individual and corporate customers. It plays an important role in the global financial market

the plight of the traditional customer service center needs to be broken.

with the rapid development of network technology and the increasing enrichment of access channels, a single voice service has been difficult to meet the needs of more and more users for media access methods, such as, pad, bank, VTM machines and tools at the outlets. Internet access and 5g commercial use have also led to a surge in demand for video customer service, which will block valves and oil lines. Home office, remote expert customer service and other scenarios have emerged. The traditional customer service center can no longer meet the growing needs of financial services and business operations, and transformation is imperative

at the same time, since the original voice customer service system, credit card center, financial management and other business systems are built independently, the construction cost is high and the operation and maintenance resources are invested heavily. The traditional call center needs to be upgraded urgently. A new architecture platform needs to be built to provide unified access to all channels to support the rapid development of emerging customer service business

build a new generation of all media contact center for cloud, intelligence and exchange

in order to maintain the leading service level in the banking industry, ZTE began to build a new generation of cloud contact center platform for ZX in 2018. Most of the experts who participated in the testing believe that NGCC will replace many existing platforms and cooperate with the development center of CCB to complete all the migration of existing businesses. On december25,2019, the business of provincial and municipal sub branches across the country was cut off and launched. The platform supports 9000 seats and 4000 outbound calls. It is a new generation of contact center based on the fully self-developed intelligent, multimedia, all channel and cloud architecture platform. It is the first case in a major financial bank to use the national industrial contact center platform. Compared with the traditional call center, it has the following obvious improvements:

all Cloud Architecture: it provides a cloud contact center platform completely based on distributed, parallel computing and load balancing solutions. It carries out cloud deployment based on virtual machine resource pool, completely gets rid of the dependence on proprietary hardware, elastic scalability, remote disaster tolerance, maximizes the cost of customer construction and expansion, and truly realizes large capacity, high concurrency and high reliability

intelligent services: analyze user portraits and other relevant data through the data platform, and develop intelligent services under the support of the platform's intelligent engine, such as intelligent IVR, intelligent quality inspection, intelligent outbound call, intelligent voice assistant, intelligent knowledge base, intelligent interactive robot, etc., to provide intelligent customer service services for the new generation of all media contact center

all media access: zxngcc's new generation cloud contact center platform supports interactive multimedia access, unified access to multiple channels such as communication (voice, fax), Internet, social media (webcall, webchat, video, SMS, email, IM), STM, and unified queuing across multiple call types on the access side

in addition, the platform can complete the full upgrade in one hour, and ensure that the existing business is not interrupted and greatly reduce the labor consumption through gray-scale release

scheme architecture diagram of China Construction Bank's new generation cloud contact center

explore the innovation of bank customer service mode and help the bank's digital transformation

with the further development of financial technology and the wide application of 5g, AI, video communication, biometrics, mobile Internet and other technologies, the bank's customer service center will usher in further changes and put forward higher requirements in terms of service form, business handling, etc., a new set of artificial + intelligence A new comprehensive financial service model, online + offline, service + operation, remote smart bank was born

CCB has officially renamed the customer service center as a remote intelligent banking center, bringing customers a new experience in the remote, online and mobile aspects of financial services. In October, 2019, the construction of 5g+ smart banking business hall was launched in Beijing, and ZTE provided remote video customer service capability in the 5g+ smart banking business hall of CCB. Customers can realize self-service and quick handling of more than 300 financial services in 19 categories through a variety of financial tools (including STM, financial space capsule, interactive desktop, automotive financial experience, etc.). It not only greatly improves the business handling efficiency and the service density of the business hall, but also makes the input-output ratio of the point higher; At the same time, the business experts scattered at various points are gathered to provide services to customers through remote video, which effectively solves the problems of uneven busy and idle personnel and unequal skills

with the development of financial reform and opening-up. 1. With the deepening of PLC control, more and more financial formats have emerged. The new formats represented by Internet finance have a great impact on the traditional banking industry. Bank customer service is no longer bank centric or product centric, but a transformation to customer-centric service mode. Customer experience has become an important part of the bank's core competitiveness. ZTE is committed to combining humanized services with financial technology to help China build 3 The bank's customer service center is undergoing digital transformation to provide customers with a better life of wealth

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