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Intel promotes several 45nm embedded processors to provide seven-year service support

Intel released five processors and one chipset for the embedded market on Wednesday. In addition, the new manufacturer has provided up to seven years of life cycle support for these embedded processors, compared with five years for previous products. These new processors and 5100 memory controller chipsets constitute the company's first 45nm CPU platform designed for memory intensive applications such as storage hardware and routers. Other application environments include security equipment, communication and medical treatment. The design power consumption of this platform is less than 200 watts

these latest products include dual core Xeon e5240, e5220 and l5238, and quad core Xeon e5440 and l5408

dougdavis, Intel's vice president and general manager of the embedded and communication department, revealed that the l5408 used with the 5100 memory controller provides a performance per watt that is more than 67% higher than the previous generation of quad core l5318 and intel5000p chipsets. In addition, this 45nm quad core processor has the same heat as the previous generation of chips, but its performance has increased by 22%

in addition to the new processors and chipsets this year, Intel has also released a rack server, carriergradeservertigh2u. Which is the best hydraulic universal testing machine in Jinan? The problem is that we all think that our good new products are designed for high-end communication applications. In addition, Intel also announced that its other communication rack servers also support quad core Xeon 5400 series, including carriergradeservertigw1u, ipnetworkservernsw1u and ipnet, which have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and high cost performance workservernsc2u

the prices of the new 45nm processors mentioned above range from US $321 to US $690. Except that the dual core processor l5238 with a power consumption of 35 watts will not be shipped until next month, all of them are available from now on. The 5100mch chipset is also available today, starting at $76

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