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Intel enables a new brand identity

Intel enables a new brand identity

the figure shows the new brand identity enabled by Intel

the figure shows the old identity of Intel on the top and the "Intel inside" identity of some generations taken from its body

on January 4, 2006, Intel officially released a new brand identity, which marks that, The company is developing into a platform solution company with market development. The key technologies behind Intel's platform based solutions include microprocessors, chipsets and software. Integrating them together can better enhance system performance and greatly enhance the overall application experience of consumers

since the successful launch of Intel Centrino mobile computing technology platform, Intel has begun the fundamental transformation and adjustment of its business development strategy. The company has restructured its organizational structure around the platform model last year, and is now focusing on four important market segments, namely mobile, digital home, enterprise and healthcare. Intel also announced that it will launch its new platform for the digital home, Intel jubilant technology, in early 2006

with the upcoming introduction of plastic rubber stretch cloth by new brands such as Intel joy technology, Intel's new brand system will greatly simplify and unify the appearance design style of Intel products and platform technology, so as to better convey its important features and values to consumers. The new branded systems include the new logos of Intel joy technology and Intel Centrino mobile computing technology, as well as the logos of redesigned individual processors, chipsets, motherboards and other Intel technologies. Each product identity will be combined with the new Intel identity

Eric Kim, senior vice president and general manager of global marketing department of Intel, said when talking about the new strategy of Intel brand: "Intel is one of the most valuable brands in the world. We hope to continuously improve the value of our brand while developing the company. This transformation will enable people to better understand Intel's achievements, establish closer emotional ties with consumers, and strengthen our overall positioning in the market."

the new Intel brand logo will modify the Intel inside logo, which was created and widely recognized in 1991, and the original Intel "d1. mark the horizontal centerline roped-e" on the two sides of the block specimen. The "dropped-e" logo was created by Silicon Valley pioneer Robert Noyce (RO Asia Pacific innovation park will become BASF's largest R & D center in the Asia Pacific region) and Gordon Moore when they founded their new "integrated electronics" company 37 years ago. Intel's new logo combines the essence of these two logos, builds on Intel's broad heritage value, and shows the current new development direction of Intel. The new logo also includes Intel's new slogan: "intel. leap ahead." This slogan represents Intel's unique brand commitment, and aims to convey the source power of Intel's development and Intel's goal of never ending and surpassing the future

Jin Bingguo said: "Although 'Intel - beyond the future' is just a simple slogan, it can clearly clarify our identity and mission. It is part of Intel's fine tradition. Our mission in Intel is to unremittingly pursue and promote the next leap in technology, education, society, manufacturing and more fields, and constantly challenge ourselves. It reflects that Intel technology will bring a better future to everyone , richer and more convenient life

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