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"Made in China and created in China" -- robot industrial design: innovation and creativity lead industrial optimization

since the world's first industrial robot, unimate, began to work, robots have become increasingly important in production and manufacturing, and even gradually entered people's daily life. With the continuous upgrading of the use demand of industrial robots, the requirements of industries and enterprises for robot design have also increased accordingly, which increasingly requires designers to integrate technology, vision, use experience and other elements based on practical problems, optimize the quality specifications of robots in terms of aesthetics, practicality and safety performance, and give robots simpler operation, more convenient maintenance More efficient work and other advantages - these are the goals of the robot industry design

(the world's first industrial robot unite)

as an official event in the robot field with great influence in the world, the 2019 world robot competition focuses on the development of robot industrial design, sets up the most creative robot industrial design competition, and provides a platform for practitioners in the robot field from all over the world to display and exchange robot design creativity. What are the characteristics of the 2019 world robot competition finals in baodinghuo, Hebei Province from July 25 to 28? As one of the competition items, the robot industrial design competition will focus on the industrial design of six robot platforms. The new standard GB8624 (2) 006 "classification method for combustion performance of building materials" has been selected to carry out the appearance and system design of robot products according to the requirements, and complete the tasks of product processing, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning, preparation of relevant design, manufacturing documents and commercial promotion, so as to show the comprehensive strength in the design of robot industry in an all-round way

boost the integration of production and education in the actual combat drill according to the data statistics, the annual average growth rate of China's robot market reached 31.1%, higher than the average growth rate of 17% of the global robot market in the same period, and the overall domestic market scale is still further expanding. The rapid development of artificial intelligence, IOT, big data and interactive technology has brought huge exploration and development space to robot industrial design

robot industry design is based on innovative design and practical application requirements, and is a strong driving force for the implementation of robot industry achievements. In order to promote the integration of production and education, this competition will focus on the actual needs of manufacturing, processing, service, medical, education, commerce and other fields for industrial design, comprehensively investigate the ability of the participating teams in the innovative and creative design of robot products and the design of product application solutions, provide solutions to practical problems in production and manufacturing, develop equipment, and improve the social service ability of vocational education and ordinary colleges and universities, Make the educational and scientific research achievements and various industries deeply integrated, and provide an opportunity for further cooperation and exchange between schools and enterprises

improve professional skills in comprehensive inspection

robots are precision instruments with complex systems. Robot industrial design requires meticulous thinking and accurate calculation, and runs through all parts of the work. From product design to technical realization to commercial implementation, every link tests the comprehensive skills of robot designers, which is also a strict test for the participants in this robot industrial design competition

this competition not only inspects the technical creativity of the contestants in providing technical solutions for applications in different fields, but also comprehensively evaluates their achievement display, business promotion planning and other aspects, so as to fully demonstrate the contestants' comprehensive design ability. While completing the whole process of product design, the contestants can accumulate all-round professional knowledge, gain experience in dealing with various subtle links, and truly feel the important role of designers in production and manufacturing

(the competitors in the previous games provided them with materials that not only meet the highest flame retardant requirements of the global standardization organization, but also have the required electrical performance for equipment commissioning)

cultivate innovative talents in competitive competition

as a comprehensive discipline, especially the use of lithium manganate batteries in logistics vehicles, robotics involves many fields, such as machinery, power electronics, mechanics, materials, etc, Solid professional knowledge and analytical skills are required. In recent years, the wide application of interactive design has added a strong human factor to the design and production in the robot field, and once again raised the requirements for the comprehensive quality of relevant talents

cultivating innovative, versatile and experienced talents and allowing students to put their theories into social production practice is a crucial part of robot education. This robot industrial design competition attaches great importance to the cultivation of innovative talents at different levels. The competition will comprehensively test the innovative design ability, practical ability and team cooperation ability of Vocational Colleges and university students in using various robots to carry out industrial design applications. The competition is divided into the secondary vocational group, the higher vocational group and the undergraduate group. It is expected to be composed of nearly 100 vocational colleges, with more than 300 participants throughout the year. It will show the teaching achievements of different stages and different talent training modes, effectively promote the improvement and improvement of the teaching system of vocational education and higher education, and make due contributions to the training of innovative and applied talents of robot technology

independent innovation is not a day's work. The establishment and improvement of the education system and industrial chain need long-term linkage of all parties. As an important part of the core functional area for the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Baoding, the host city of the competition, will carry the relevant needs of the artificial intelligence industries in Beijing and Hebei for hardware manufacturing and testing, realize the industrial agglomeration of the upstream, middle and downstream of the robot industry chain, create a "smart city", and lead the intelligent manufacturing industry to carry forward the past and forge ahead. In addition, Great Wall Motors Co., Ltd., the co organizer of the finals, is also actively demonstrating the strength and charm of "made in China" to the world. Great Wall Motors has set up eight R & D centers around the world to cooperate with its Engineering Institute of Great Wall Motors in Baoding and overseas R & D centers in Japan and the United States to jointly carry out global R & D layout

as a representative skill event in the finals of the 2019 world robot competition, this robot industry design competition will gather international cutting-edge innovations, spread robot technology and culture, and highlight the charm of young designers. At the same time, we will further optimize the talent training mode, promote the transformation of resources from education to industry, empower "created in China", add color to "intelligent made in China", and build strength for the design industry of China's robot industry

2019 world robot competition final is a professional official event in the robot field with wide influence at home and abroad. In order to ensure the overall safety and orderly progress of the event, the final of the competition will uniformly adopt the way of directional invitation to organize spectators to watch the game. The invited spectators shall participate in the competition in an orderly manner at the specified time and times according to the designated arrangements of the organizer. Those who fail to enter the competition can lock in Tencent and other official online live broadcast platforms of the competition to watch the wonderful events



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