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Many working-class people will consider how to save money when decorating their new houses. In fact, saving money should mean using money reasonably and spending it on the cutting edge. On the key issue of decoration, the money that should not be saved cannot be saved, and no more money should be spent. If you blindly pursue saving money, you may end up with fake and inferior products

1. Ceramic tiles: you can choose and buy ceramic tiles from domestic brands

in some home decoration, the amount of ceramic tiles is quite large and accounts for a large proportion of the decoration cost. You can choose some domestic brands, especially domestic second-line brands, as long as you can guarantee the quality of ceramic tiles! It can save a lot of unnecessary money! In addition, when laying kitchen tiles, you can buy some cheap tiles to lay under and behind the cabinets. Anyway, if you want to be blocked by the cabinets, why spend more money. In fact, it's also good not to stick tiles behind the cabinet, which can also save some yellow sand cement and labor costs

2. Faucets: domestic brands can be considered when choosing faucets. When choosing faucets, ordinary decorators should not choose imported products because they are worried about quality problems. In fact, the quality of some domestic faucets is also very good. If you choose a domestic brand leader, its price will be several times cheaper than imported products. Among the domestic faucets, the quality of some brands such as green sun, Shenluda and poplar is good, which must be a lot in all links of achieving economic decoration

3. Coating: choose ordinary products in brand coatings

when buying coatings, you can choose ordinary products of more famous brands, whether they are five in one or three in one, or the second generation or the third generation. In fact, their effects are not different, and the quality is guaranteed. At present, many paint problems are caused by excessive mixing of water. No matter how good the material is, the quality is worse than that of ordinary products. Although we should emphasize the economic benefits of decoration, we should consider the internal reasons. It is also not advisable to blindly pay attention to the economic benefits of decoration

4. Sanitary ware: choose ordinary products in brand sanitary ware

some decorators haggle over many details to save money, but on the other hand, they spend a lot of money to buy a toilet with several thousand yuan. In fact, there is little difference in quality between a toilet of about 1000 yuan and a toilet of 5000 yuan, some of which are just differences in style. Therefore, if you want to save money, you can consider the ordinary products in the brand sanitary ware. If you want to make the whole decoration economical, you can't ignore this point

5. Kitchen equipment: domestic products can be considered when choosing kitchen equipment

cabinets and kitchen electricity in the kitchen are important in the decoration economic budget. Ask workers to make cabinets on site and buy a cheaper kitchen electricity. It really saves money and benefits, but the quality can't be guaranteed. But if you buy imported products, ordinary decorators can't afford this cost at all. Therefore, in order to achieve real economic decoration, kitchen equipment can consider using some domestic products, with guaranteed quality, and the price is several times cheaper than imported products. Among the domestic cabinets, the quality of Ono, Jiashi, Lifeng, etc. are all good. They all start from the perspective of affordable decoration, and the natural price is much lower than that of imports

6. Flooring: solid wood composite flooring can be considered when choosing flooring

flooring is the main part of the decoration economic budget. Now the price of solid wood flooring is high. If a house is paved, the cost is quite high, and the usual maintenance is also very important. Therefore, if you need to decorate economically, we suggest that you can use solid wood composite floor instead of solid wood floor. Compared with the floor of the same grade, there is at least one-third of the price difference, and the solid wood composite floor is not easy to crack, and the service life is longer. You really can't ignore one thing and lose the other if you want to decorate economically





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