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Door and window brand companies only produce goods, while larger door and window brand companies rely on dealer stores to sell their goods. Although first-class companies sell goods by brand, second rate companies sell goods by goods, and third rate companies sell goods at low prices. However, when selling goods, door and window stores may be able to dig deep into the hot spending and sell goods at a deeper level

first, improve the added value of commodities

now is an era of conception. Just give commodities a new civilization and a new concept, and their added value can be greatly improved. We all know that selling vegetables is about pollution-free, selling fruits is about beauty, selling houses is about living with celebrities, selling mobile phones is about identity, selling milk powder is about genius, and so on. Development beyond commodities has simply become a new fashion and a new trend. Dealers' exploration of civilized selling points of doors and windows can also play an outstanding role. For example, the naming of some door and window commodities, the ingenious use of ancient Chinese poetry and the ingenious borrowing of Western allusions by western style personality can cause consumers to have a lot of distant thoughts and make consumers excited about purchasing

first class door and window brand companies sell brands. What do first-class dealers sell? Second, satisfy everyone's psychological needs

if consumers buy doors and windows, they will place orders without hesitation if they are satisfied with their own expectations. With the rapid development of China's economy, the middle class is becoming larger and larger. Some of these people are civilized, have a position in society, are relatively strong economically, and naturally have high requirements for consumer goods. Some doors and windows with classical personality, European and American personality and pastoral personality can reflect a sense of luxury, elegance and achievement in terms of quotation, brand and style. These doors and windows are catering to the stomachs of some middle-class people, who have a special preference for this. Coupled with doors and windows, some families in China are classified as one-child families, and some families with two children. Families of children and teenagers usually attach great importance to it. For door and window goods, playing the environmental protection brand can usually achieve miraculous effects. Chinese parents can spend money on their children. Environmental friendly doors and windows have become their first choice, and some people buy them if they are a little expensive. Therefore, for different collectives, we should focus on different commodity characteristics to satisfy their psychological demands. Of course, this emphasis should be down-to-earth

III. selling points of celebrity effect

now many door and window brand companies invite some social celebrities to endorse and advertise, which can also become a big selling point. Celebrities have fans, which naturally leads to celebrity effect. "Celebrities love this door and window, which should be good. I trust it", many consumers have such thoughts. Similarly, if a celebrity can take a snapshot when purchasing this door and window and hang it on the wall, it can also play an advertising effect and stimulate the sale of doors and windows. However, in this aspect, celebrities with a good audience should be selected. For example, a star in the performing arts industry has repeatedly played negative characters, which often gives people a "bad" feeling. Such celebrities are not suitable for endorsing door and window goods. On the contrary, warm household celebrities such as "National daughter-in-law", "national mother-in-law" and "national father-in-law" are very suitable for endorsing door and window goods

it can be said that there are always some selling points of any door and window, more or less, large or small. The key lies in how the shopping guide explores these selling points and promotes them according to different people. Exploration is the condition and promotion is the method. The two complement each other, which can really make the business booming. However, the sale of doors and windows does not all depend on the shopping guides in the dealer's stores, but more on the company's own goods





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