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Through the integration of products in 2014, apple noble wardrobe is ready to combine the cabinet and doors and windows into a complete product system in 2015, and apple noble wardrobe will have a big leap

interview guest: Leng Hongxi, chairman of Odic group

health is the development purpose to support the new environmental protection law

Home hotline: Hello, Leng Dong! In fact, environmental protection is now a hot topic in the home furnishing industry. Apple aristocracy has always done a very good job in environmental protection, and has also used it as a selling point for publicity and promotion. Can you share your experience in this area

Mr. Leng: we take the concept of environmental protection as the selling point of our products and the development plan of our company, because I think that no matter we are doing wardrobe or business, we are all concerned about environmental protection. Health is the tenet of Apple noble's development. We always make environmentally friendly products to give back to the society. At the same time, we also see serious environmental pollution on the earth, such as weather haze, lack of water resources and other problems. Therefore, we should take environmental protection as the development purpose of enterprises. As an enterprise person and a member of society, environmental protection is everyone's responsibility. Everyone should take practical actions to protect our environment. Therefore, we regard health and environmental protection as the development purpose of our products

home hotline: what you just said is from the main aspect. I want to know how Apple aristocracy is reflected in terms of products

Leng Dong: the formaldehyde emission used in Apple noble wardrobe is lower than 1.5 mg/L, which is higher than the national E1 environmental protection standard in terms of board level. In addition to attaching great importance to the environmental protection of plates, we also attach great importance to hardware and plate finishing materials. Because if the auxiliary materials of the wardrobe are selected improperly, no matter how high the environmental protection level of the board is, the wardrobe also has hidden dangers in the release of harmful substances. In addition to strict material selection, we Apple noble will regularly take some products and send them to national qualified environmental protection agencies for testing, so as to be safe in environmental protection

home hotline: at present, the new environmental protection law has been officially implemented. What impact do you think it will have on the development or production of enterprises

Mr. Leng: the implementation of the new environmental protection law is a good thing for us and a great help to the whole society. The introduction of the new environmental protection law marks that the environmental protection awareness of our whole society has reached a new level. In recent years, many enterprises have ignored the protection of the environment for the sake of immediate interests. If we all put environmental protection in the first place, phenomena such as haze and water pollution will not occur frequently. Here, I hope that all enterprises in our home furnishing industry should pay attention to environmental protection in the production process, so as to create long-term wealth

keep up with the development of big home, the service is beyond imagination

home hotline: you just mentioned that your enterprise also produces doors and windows, which is also in line with the current trend of big home. Can you introduce the company's experience in this area

Leng Dong: we have been doing this for ten years. At first, we made doors and windows, and then we made wardrobes. This is also in line with the overall household line. Of course, there have been many experiences in the past ten years. Many door and window enterprises are more dedicated, and this area is also going faster. Later, we added the wardrobe according to the overall household route. The reason why we should take this route of integrated home is that integrated home is the development trend in the future, but at the same time, we also see the limitations of customized home. In the future, we will follow the overall household line according to the development of customization, so we have carried out cross-border development. In the wardrobe industry, our wardrobe is ahead. So far, we have come out in both production and sales. In terms of direction, we are on the right track, and in terms of delivery time and quality, we have also reached the standard. In the industry, our factory may be small, but in terms of management, I think it is the best

home hotline: Mr. Leng, you just mentioned that customization is the development direction of our home enterprise in the era of big home. Is this also what you said about the development of enterprises driven by customized home? Can you talk about the advantages of your enterprise in customization

Leng Dong: we have wardrobes, doors and windows in customization. For our customers, the advantage is still very big. Other enterprises do a certain project alone. In the future, we will build an experience hall, which will be of great help to consumers and dealers. When they come to the experience hall, they will feel the overall coordination of our windows and cabinets. Big home and Pan home is an inevitable trend in the future, and we have gone for ten years, of course, we have also encountered many problems in this process. The customization industry has developed very fast in recent years. For example, the finished product industry has been going downhill in recent years, but our customization industry is going up. We integrate doors and wardrobes. I believe the company will also develop very rapidly

home hotline: you just mentioned that in terms of products, the customization industry cannot do without products, otherwise everything is empty, but in addition to products, service is also very important, especially in our era, consumers pay special attention to service, that is, what measures does Apple aristocracy have in terms of service

Leng Dong: in terms of service, in addition to enjoying the services of free measurement and free design through the exclusive store, the order inquiry system on our official website can also provide order inquiry services for consumers, so that consumers can clearly know the whole process of their wardrobe from the production line to the bedroom. In terms of product after-sales, our company implements the principle of five-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. I think the concept of service is very big. How to improve it, whether consumers or dealers, service is to make them feel that what they think is more than what we do

clear development thinking will promote a new sales model

home hotline: what is the development plan for the new year? What are the goals for 2015

Leng Dong: in terms of production and sales, the development thinking in 2015 is clearer than that in other years. Through the integration of products in 2014, our apple noble wardrobe is preparing to combine the cabinet and doors and windows into a complete product system in 2015, and then launch a new sales model to our dealers through the integration of online cloud design software; In 2015, our apple noble association established Apple noble home business school in conjunction with excellent enterprises in the home building materials industry such as odic doors and windows, OPEC doors and windows, and dunmei decorative materials, providing a platform for dealers and employees to learn and exchange

in 2013, we expected to achieve an output value of several hundred million in 2016. At present, I think we can achieve this goal in 2016. In 2015, we will continue to promote this goal. Therefore, this year I feel confident that it will be a big leap




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