Exotic Mediterranean atmosphere moves people

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After tense and busy work, indulge your thoughts and imagine the Mediterranean sky, sea and beach. The white with a leisurely flavor floating in the air is everywhere, as soft as tulle, making people feel free and open-minded. Life seems to become as quiet and distant as the scenery outside the window

white leisure chair, very fond of the bright and gorgeous Mediterranean style, as if waves of sea breeze were blowing in the face, making the whole small home soft and beautiful

white coffee table, what if you don't have a fixed style setting for your dream home? It doesn't matter. You can give full play to your ideas and bring together different styles of ideas. In fact, mixing and matching is also very fashionable

white porch cabinet. For more and more people, home has gone far beyond the original meaning of home, but a stage for releasing oneself and creating mood. And each stage staged a different "theme" of life. The essence of Mediterranean style design idea lies in the "free and leisurely" lifestyle embodied in the design, which is absolutely a kind of enjoyment for modern people living in the reinforced concrete jungle

white lockers and Mediterranean style homes can always give people a lot of reverie. The blue dreamy space, the mythical realm, and the dotted green flowers and plants make the whole space feel transparent and incomparable, as if you were in a fairyland

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white sofa chair. My favorite color is milky white, which is as intoxicating as thick, smooth and fragrant milk. The white gauze curtain is extraordinarily soft. There is a TV set on the opposite side of the bed, which is in line with the layout of a conventional family

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white sofa, classic Mediterranean color matching, earthy yellow brings a sense of vastness like the earth. Use the semi chiseling method to shape the background wall of the living room. The rattan chair with simple lines and trim edges is decorated with small green potted plants and Korean aesthetic curtains, forming a sunshine room with a strong sense of countryside




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