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The "Minimalism" of Yongjia lacquerless wooden door is not a simple separation, but focuses on materials without distractions, purifies its characteristics infinitely, and maintains a modern minimalist style as a whole

modern simplicity style

originated from modernist minimalism

some people also say that

it originated from modernist master

the third president of Bauhaus school in Germany

Mies van der Rohe

he advocated less is more

to be as concise as possible on the basis of meeting functions

this is in line with the factors of economic depression in various countries after the world war

and has been unanimously agreed by people.Praise

let's talk today Talk about minimalist life

simple style is simple and tasteful

this taste is reflected in the grasp of design details

every small part and decoration, We should consider carefully

it is more demanding to work carefully in construction

it is an effect that is not easy to achieve

this is an era of materialism

materialism stimulates people's inner desire for possession

when people have a lot of things

they desire more

it is more difficult to meet life

the opposite of materialism

is minimalism

it advocates that people will focus on what people desire

transfer to what you are having

transfer to yourself and the people around you

sometimes less is more

more choices do not mean higher quality

the "Minimalism" of Yongjia lacquerless wood door

is not a simple separation

but focuses on materials without distractions

infinitely purifies its characteristics

maintains the modern minimalist style as a whole

simplicity without reduction

emphasize design, Simple and smooth lines

this is the characteristic of modern style


integrating modern elements

elegance without losing romance

leisure without lack of affection

this is a design style with "petty bourgeoisie" style

because petty bourgeoisie pays more attention to life style

simplicity but not simplicity - life is an attitude

Yongjia wooden door is always on the road





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