Single mm designs my room independently, I decide

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High purity wall color can bring out visual pleasure, and then cooperate with the soft decoration of striped elements. The Striped carpet is cleverly used as a visual buffer to make the level Fuller, and everything makes the space sweet and happy

colorful striped fabric can create a pleasant rest atmosphere, and gorgeous colors are more suitable for matching monochrome walls. Stripe patterns are used in many places in the bedroom at the same time, and these small accessories make the whole space light

simply adding a piece of soft clothes can bring a completely different cool look to the originally slightly dull space. The green and white light blanket not only decorates the home, but also brings a fresh atmosphere to the home, so that we can enjoy the general mood of vacation at home

a large area of yellow striped carpet is undoubtedly the best way to rejuvenate the gloomy space. The fresh and bright yellow replaces the original uncolored white ground and matches with the bedding in the same color system, instantly making the bedroom full of brightness

the bedroom wall is painted with a large area of light blue color with affinity, and all soft decorations are in the same color system. The warm color stripes are combined with ordinary flower pattern cloth soft clothes to create a gentle and intimate character in the bedroom





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