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After years of development research, Cason Kaixin wooden door has specially launched the experiential store image system version 2.0 for the terminal application of national stores

franchised stores are the bridge for direct communication with consumers, the first platform for customer contact, and also an important place to transmit commodity information and brand information to customers. After years of development and research, Cason kaixinmumen has specially launched the experiential franchised store image system version 2.0 for the terminal application of national franchised stores

experience store image design background

fully realize the secondary dissemination of brand image

terminal is the main place for Cason happy products to realize value exchange, and it is also the most important residence for business personnel and product consumer groups. With the help of consistent terminal image integration, it can present the value, culture and personality of Cason happy brand in three dimensions, and establish good contact with target consumers, Form the secondary communication of the brand

strong promotion of enterprise brand height

an all-round, unified and standardized terminal brand image will greatly enhance the brand "loyalty" of customer groups. At the same time, by virtue of the reputation of the business team "going in and going out", it will win a wide range of brand "popularity" and "reputation", so as to expand the market influence of the brand and improve its competitive advantage

help business development "one touch at the door"

terminal is the forefront of Cason's happy wooden door business development. The brand scene atmosphere created by the carefully standardized terminal image can three-dimensional enlarge the brand experience of new customers, shorten the distance, promote transactions, and meet the expansion needs of franchise store operators to "develop new customers and consolidate familiar customers" sales performance

become an efficient and free media platform

the terminal of "internal and external connection" is the best platform for the full media display of Cason happy brand image. The communication has great home advantage, the theme information is clear, the mode of communication is rich and vivid, and has a strong media power. It has full coverage, long communication time, low cost, good acceptability, and greater emotional impact

image design goal of experiential store

create a branded experience space of "creator and guide of light luxury wooden doors"

improve the quality of life, and let people pay more attention to the beautiful experience when shopping. The newly launched Cason happy wooden door version 2.0 franchise store image has standardized design and reasonable layout, presenting Cason happy wooden door light luxury life concept in front of customers, and displaying the rich products of Cason happy wooden doors, Better close to people's lives, and ultimately provide consumers with a more perfect indoor door solution

vivid: the functional areas are set up in accordance with the store materials, presenting a fashionable and beautiful space environment as a whole, visually touching people's hearts, deepening customers' favor and improving customers' sense of experience

characterization: take "light luxury" fashion as the element as the visual symbol of the differentiation of the exclusive store, present the happy brand characteristics of Cason, and help customers recognize and understand the happy brand culture and product characteristics of Cason

Standardization: proceeding from reality, the "form and content" of the terminal image construction of the franchise store is highly unified, and the standard planning provides professional guidance and support for the construction of Cason kaixinmumen entity terminal, so as to improve the image of the franchise store

Modularization: realize that the terminals of exclusive stores are distributed all over the country, with different sizes and limited practical conditions. The modular splicing method makes the terminal image construction simple, convenient and integrated

appreciation of the image effect of experiential franchised stores

cason happy wooden door franchised store dynamic design demonstration

fully consider the shopping experience of consumers, and present brand rich products through product series in different districts

cason Kaixin wooden door head demonstration

use the brand visualization logo door head of VI color system, which is standardized, standard and highly recognizable

Cason happy wooden door window product demonstration

the key and recommended product display area is also the display area of image products, which will be the shaping space for customers' first feeling

demonstration of Cason happy wooden door reception desk and image wall

the combination of imitation green plants or real green plants background wall and reception desk reflects the important area of brand service quality

cason open center wooden door product display area

according to the display areas that can be modularized in different regions, the figure shows the product display area of Van series, which can also be replaced with other series for priority display in practical application

cason Kaixin wooden door product exhibition area

proposed door series product exhibition area. The template design can be used for the display of other series products

cason happy wooden door interactive experience area

the interactive experience area allows customers to feel the latest trend of Cason happy wooden door and other wooden door products not displayed in the store and the actual installation effect, so as to improve the customer experience

cason happy wooden door signing and negotiation area

the relaxed and casual negotiation area is a service experience space that makes customers more pleasant. Here, customers can have a more detailed understanding of Cason happy wooden door brand service and product quality

reception desk production reference demonstration

interactive experience area desktop production demonstration






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