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Compared with the sofa and coffee table, the decorative cabinet can sometimes be used as a partition. So, how to design the decorative cabinet in the decoration? Please check Rafael's customized fan benefits, decorative cabinet design skills, etc

compared with sofa and coffee table, the function of decorative cabinet has not been paid attention to by people

only when a decorative cabinet is really placed in the home can we find that in addition to placing some decorations and precious drinks, the decorative cabinet is also very effective in improving the decorative effect of the living room, and sometimes it can be used as a partition

then, how to design the decorative cabinet in the decoration

ensure its display

the function of the decorative cabinet is to decorate the space and to add more display information to the limited space. Therefore, the decorative cabinet is also designed around the use of high efficiency and high quality

in addition to its own design, the decorative cabinet also involves many factors, such as the design of space, the way of display and visual perception

pay attention to visual expression

a major feature of decorative cabinets is that they can combine many visual factors and affect people's senses to varying degrees, so that in the process of viewing, they have certain visual commonalities

therefore, in the design of decorative cabinets, people's visual perception should also be considered, and the design should be based on visual characteristics

meet psychological expectations

the design of home environment is also a psychological satisfaction for people, in order to make the decorative effect of decorative cabinets better. Therefore, when designing, it should conform to people's psychological expectations

in particular, customized decorative cabinets should be more in line with the owner's aesthetic preferences. While adding plane and three-dimensional space, we also need to pay attention to the principle of color matching, so as to achieve the ideal design and decoration effect


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