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Home decoration has always been a complex project, which is related to everyone's life experience after moving in. Therefore, young people without too much experience may not be able to start with decoration. Today, Xiaobian will help you summarize the 9 small experiences of home decoration, hoping to help you and put an end to all kinds of troubles after moving in

first, the living room floor should use adhesives

when laying the floor in the living room, the floor adhesives can be used to bond the seams, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of black seams in the future. Remember, it is best not to use white cement when filling joints. White cement is not resistant to dirt, and it is likely to turn black and moldy after a long time. It is best to use joint sealant

II. Unsealed lamps and lanterns are easy to attract mosquitoes

in choosing lamps and lanterns, don't pay too much attention to shapes, patterns and the like, and powerful lighting function is the key point of choosing lamps and lanterns. In addition, try not to install that kind of round and unsealed lamp. After living for a long time, you will find that there are all dead insects in the lampshade. Moreover, the more chic the lamp is, the harder it is to disassemble. If it is not cleaned in time, it will be very unsightly

third, solid wood flooring and floor heating do not match

in the early stage of decoration, if the family plans to install floor heating, it is not recommended to buy solid wood flooring. In order to keep warm in winter, we must raise the indoor temperature. If the ground heating is overheated, the service life of solid wood flooring will be reduced if it is close to the floor. Moreover, overheated floor heating will also produce an uncomfortable smell on the floor, affecting the health of family members

IV. try to have the maximum number of switches.

it is recommended that you install at least two sockets or switches in the bedroom, so that when you sleep, you don't have to get out of bed and turn off the lights, and you can better ensure sleep. If there is only one socket, it is very detrimental to daily use. Especially now there are most intelligent appliances, and there are more and more places that need electricity. It must be right to prepare more plugs

v. install air-conditioning windshields to keep away from air-conditioning diseases

the emergence of air-conditioning makes the indoor temperature more controllable, followed by the emergence of air-conditioning diseases. Therefore, it is best to install a windshield on the air-conditioning installed in the bedroom. Especially in summer, although it is very hot, don't blow the air conditioner directly. Having a wind deflector can well reduce the harm of the air conditioner to the human body

VI. hardware material selection is based on quality

it is best to choose some high-quality hardware accessories in the kitchen and bathroom. Although these accessories are small and inconspicuous, they will rust if they are not used well. At first glance, it greatly affects the feeling and effect of use. Although the cost of stainless steel is high, it can be effectively avoided. In the process of decoration, one should not favor one over the other, so don't be greedy for cheap hardware

VII. The distance between kitchen sinks is very important.

the sink in the kitchen should not be higher than the table. The basin under the table is the best choice in family life. If it is higher than the table, there will be precipitation overflow when washing vegetables and cooking, and the most appropriate method is to set a little distance below the table when installing the sink, so as to avoid overflow

VIII. Install a water heater equipped with zero cold water function

due to the long distance between the kitchen and the bathroom and the long cold water pipe, you often have to wait for a long time to discharge cold water when bathing with a gas-fired water heater, which not only wastes water, increases water expenses, but also is prone to coldness and illness. The common water heater adopts a double pipe structure, and the cold water will also pass through the circulating pump, which increases the resistance, reduces the water volume, and the bathing process is very unpleasant

IX. interior decoration can be considered more for small house types

nowadays, small house types are in the majority, so friends with relatively small house types can spend more time on furniture in public areas. For example, the tea table and table in the living room had better choose the one with thin legs, which will make the living room more spacious. Furniture decoration such as sofa should also try not to choose clumsy and heavy styles

the above is the introduction of the relevant knowledge about these nine details only after the house has been decorated. I hope it will be helpful to the University in the house decoration design




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