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Choosing building materials is a key link in the process of home decoration. When choosing building materials, many consumers will worry about not knowing the market and product knowledge

choosing building materials is a key link in the process of home decoration. When choosing building materials, many consumers will worry about not knowing the market and product knowledge. In fact, there is no need to worry about this. The current sales of building materials have abandoned the past “ Be complacent ” Merchants will generally take the initiative to introduce how to identify product quality to consumers. Therefore, consumers can safely enter the building materials market and feel the joy of learning in the selection

■ the wooden floor has a pungent smell, and the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard

the choice of wooden floor is the focus of decorative building materials. Many consumers will be confused because of the variety of brands when shopping. Mr. Chen, general manager of living home flooring, said that floor products are usually paved in bedrooms and other spaces, and the contact time with people is relatively long, so the selection requirements of floor products are more strict

first of all, it depends on the water resistance of the floor. The poor water resistance of the floor will cause obvious expansion around the floor and cause floor arching. Moisture content is an important factor that directly affects the dimensional stability of the floor. Generally, the moisture content of wood floor should be consistent with the local moisture content. In the test report, the index of water absorption thickness expansion rate should be less than 10%, and generally 2% is the best

at present, the most important thing for consumers is formaldehyde content. Adhesives are used in solid wood composite floors and laminate floors, which contain a certain amount of formaldehyde, which will be gradually released to the surrounding environment in gaseous form. In order to prove that the product formaldehyde meets the standard, some businesses will peel off the solid wood composite floor or laminate floor plate at the sales site and let the consumers check it personally. If there is a pungent and eye irritant, the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard

the wear resistance of the floor is related to the service life. The national standard stipulates that products with more than 6000r are suitable for household use

■ you can tell the quality of the paint bucket by shaking it.

Ivy paint American master paint

many consumers have this feeling. Paint products look similar on the surface. Only when they are applied to the wall, can we know the quality. For coatings, as ordinary consumers, how to choose? Mr. Guo, a salesperson of Bauhinia paint, said that paint coatings are different from other building materials, and some basic treatment should be done, so you can master several tricks when buying

first, buy one with heavy packaging. Lift the paint bucket and shake it. If there is a murmur, it indicates that there is excess space in the bucket, the product weight is insufficient, and the viscosity is too low. The paint with good quality can hardly be heard when shaking the package

second, buy the one with the least consumption. Consult the merchants about the number of times and area of painting, calculate the dosage and material cost per square meter, and calculate the total dosage and cost. Some paints are packaged in small packages, and the price of a single barrel is cheaper, but the dosage and total cost can only be known after calculating the total amount. Those with low unit prices tend to consume a lot, which may be more expensive and wasteful after careful calculation

■ although hardware accessories are small, the selection is not sloppy

there are a wide range of hardware accessories. After scanning all the shopping malls, you will find that the hardware accessories related to interior decoration alone can be roughly divided into nail wire hardware, cabinet hardware, plumbing bathroom hardware, door and window hardware, etc

it is reported that the selection of handles must be based on the style, function and location of furniture. Generally, there are two principles to deal with the relationship between handle and furniture, namely, eye-catching or concealment. Single head handle with color close to the Board shall be selected for shoe cabinet. Food decoration cabinet is commonly known as wine cabinet. You should choose a double headed handle with luster and a slight contrast with the color of furniture

as the hinge of door and window hardware, it is the most prone to problems. Some doors and windows will have supporting hardware accessories, and the price is naturally high. Before buying doors and windows, consumers can look at the corresponding hardware products at the hardware counter

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